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Manually Open Garage Door Video

In this video, Sebastian walks through the process of manually opening and closing a residential garage door.



00:00 [Music plays over scenes of R&S employees performing various tasks.]

00:08 Hi, I'm Sebastian, with R&S, and I'm here to help you learn to disengage your door so you can open it manually.

00:15 Here's what happens. You're in a hurry, and you got out and push the button to make the door go up by the motor, but, of course, it always happens this way: it won't do it.

00:25 We'll now show you how to disengage the motor from the door so you can open manually to get your car out and close the door to secure your belongings safely inside.

00:34 But first, let's make sure you don't have a broken spring on the door.

00:38 Look above the door and notice two or one large coiled items.

00:45 Please look down it from end to end, making sure there's not a gap in it, which could be up to two or three inches in length.

00:52 If you don't notice a break, proceed. If you do notice a break, call R&S for professional services because trying to change these by yourself can be extremely dangerous.

01:04 But if there is no break in your springs, then here's what you do to open your door.

01:10 Find the red cord that's attached and hanging down from the traveler on the motor.

01:15 Gently, but with some force, pull that cord straight down to release. You'll know it's released when you hear a sudden thumb.

01:24 Next, reach down and grab the handle at the bottom of the garage door, and slowly lift it up until your door has opened all the way.

01:34 Back your car out, and now you're ready to close the door.

01:37 Just pull down on the door, holding on to it completely, until it's fully closed.

01:44 Now we want to re-engage the traveler. You can push on the J arm to have it snap back in place like this, or you can leave the door open and run your motor until it snaps back into place like this.

01:59 Now your door and motor are attached again and ready to operate.

02:03 [R&S logo displays on a white background. No sound.]

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