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Garage Door Motor Battery Replacement Video

In this video, Sebastian walks homeowners through the process of replacing their garage door battery backup.



00:00 [Music plays over scenes of R&S employees performing various tasks.]

00:08 Hi, I'm Sebastian with R&S. Did you know California has a new law - SB 969 - which is going to take effect on July 1st, 2019?

00:19 It'll require all residential garage door motors installed on any home have a battery backup on them.

00:27 If a door is replaced after July 1st, 2019 for any reason and your existing garage door is a non-battery motor, then you'll be required to replace that motor at that time and you'll have to replace it with a compliant battery backup motor.

00:44 R&S has all compliant battery backup motors in stock and ready to install.

00:51 With this new law for California residents, you'll need to change the batter as needed, and we can show you how. To do this, we have a five-step video.

01:01 This is what the battery looks like, and R&S does stock these. You'll need a new one to replace yours. So come to R&S, bring us your old battery and buy a new battery there. We'll dispose of the old battery for you at no cost.

01:15 Now, let's start replacing our battery.

01:18 First, you'll need a step stool or ladder to reach the plug. Always unplug your motor before you do anything like this.

01:26 Next, locate where your battery is. Underneath the light cover, you're going to see a small screw.

01:32 Holding onto the cover, unscrew that with a small Phillips screwdriver and remove the cover.

01:38 Now you'll see the battery with the two wires attached to the terminals.

01:43 Step three: Gently pull the battery out and remove the terminals wires. As you can see, there's a red and a black color terminal. These match the terminal wires. Gently pull the terminal wires from those terminals and set the old battery down to be properly disposed of at R&S.

02:01 Step four: Take your new battery and set it inside of the housing with the terminal facing out. Gently push the black wire onto the black terminal until snug, then do the same for the red wire.

02:13 Once snug, slide the battery all the way inside the housing and reattach the cover with the screw.

02:19 Finally, step five: Plug the motor back in and you are now complete.

02:25 It will take up to 24 hours for the battery to fully charge, and while it's charging, the green LED will be flashing. When fully charged, it's a steady green.

02:34 Oh, as a special note: whenever the motor is working on battery and not plugged in, it will beep like a smoke detector.

02:42 Hope this video helps you when you need to change your battery, and remember: bring the old battery into R&S and we'll dispose of it properly for you at no cost.

02:51 [R&S logo displays on a white background. No sound.]

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