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Dock Equipment

For all things loading dock equipment, give R&S Erection of Richmond, Inc. a call. We offer a wide range of dock solutions, from levelers to bumpers and shelters to seals. Talk to our team of experts to find out which products will best suit your operation's needs.

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Featured Products

We've partnered with Pioneer to provide high-quality dock equipment and the latest technology in products to keep your day-to-day operations running smoothly. Review our options, and contact R&S today to place your order.

Pioneer P2000 Mechanical Dock Leveler

Offering a wide variety of dynamic capacities, the P2000 provides 18" and 20" lip options in addition to other custom features.

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Pioneer C Series Mechanical Dock Leveler

With standard 25, 30, and 35,000 lb. dynamic capacities, the C Series has all of the quality you expect in a Pioneer product.

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Pioneer HP Series Hydraulic Dock Leveler

Fully hydraulic HP Series levelers offer solid-state proximity sensors to control deck and lip functions, among other features.

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Pioneer EHP Series Hydraulic Dock Leveler

The EHP adds hydraulic capacity to the proven features of the P2000 Series mechanical levelers.

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Pioneer EZ Top of Dock Hydraulic Leveler

Perfect for retrofit situations where working range requirements exceed those provided by the Edge-of-Dock, yet there is no existing pit.

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Pioneer Edge of Dock Hydraulic Leveler

Affordable, dependable leveler offering a range of lengths, width, and dynamic capabilities.

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Pioneer Bumpers

Laminated, steel face, and molded dock bumpers available in a wide range of sizes provide maximum protection for loading docks, trucks, and cargo.

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TMI Save-T Bumpers, Wheel Chocks & Track Guards

TMI dock products are designed to offer long-lasting protection for walls, docks, and areas prone to damage from mechanized traffic.

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Pioneer Dock Seals

These dock seals provide a weather-tight enclosure for maximum energy savings.

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Pioneer Dock Shelters

Our dock shelters seal all trailer widths and heights while providing full access to the dock door and trailer.

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Pioneer EVR650 Truck Restraints

Pioneer's EVR650 truck restraint makes automatic dock safety affordable and easy.

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