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Commercial Doors and Openers in Richmond, California

Commercial Doors

Open up your commercial or industrial business to new growth with a garage door. Commercial garage doors come in two styles (sectional and rolling) to give you a massive doorway to the outside world. We offer R&S Advantage sectional and rolling steel doors as well as products from other top manufacturers.

Sectional Commercial Garage Doors

Sectional styles are like your garage at home. They are made of flat, horizontally stacked, rigid boards of steel, fiberglass or another material, which an opener pulls back until it lies flat against the ceiling of your garage.

Rolling Commercial Garage Doors

As you drive behind any big store, you will see at least a few rolling garage doors. These types of doors are especially good for businesses that move a lot of product because they are compact and easily fit the size needed to match a shipping container.

Custom Rolling Doors

Custom engineering capabilities allow many standard R&S rolling door products to be adapted for special uses. These uses include the applications below.

Combination Door and Grilles

Secure your business when no one is there. To add another line of protection to your business, you can add rolling doors to the grilles you already use to protect your store when it is closed. Because rolling doors are not transparent, people won't be able to see your merchandise, becoming less tempted to steal it.

Crane Doors

Allow overhead cranes unfettered access to the merchandise that must be moved by installing a crane door. The T-shaped opening of this door can be fitted with a custom rolling door to secure the opening when it is not in use.

Aircraft Hangar Tail-Section Doors

Sealing an aircraft hangar is a lofty task. The height of the plane's tail section poses a particular challenge. Instead of elevating the entire door to the height of the tallest part of the plane, install a rolling door to the top central section of the front to allow the tail section to fit through the door.

Cabinet Enclosures

Secure cabinet enclosures with curved or inclined guides by installing a rolling door. The flexibility of this variety of door allows for it to fit over a surface that is not perfectly flat.

Horizontal Covers

Suit your company's unique needs with horizontal roll covers. These close easily over any openings in floors or ceilings.