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Making Your Garage Door Smarter: Ways to Reinvent Your Garage Door

Opening a Garage Door

Are you trying to make your home smart? Smart home automation has become an extremely popular upgrade in recent years, as it makes your home more easily accessible and valuable.

Garage door technology has basically remained the same for many years, but the recent advances in smart home technology have made it possible to create technologically-advanced solutions for your garage as well. Here are some ways in which you can improve your garage door with this technology.

Program Your Garage Door to Automatically Open

Once your garage door is connected to a smart door opener, you can create a system that will automatically detect you as you approach. Using GPS systems, Bluetooth, or even WiFi, the system can connect to your car and know that you're coming home.

You don't even have to press a button — your garage door can be programmed to automatically open when you or your family members drive up. 

Open and Close Your Garage Door Remotely

After leaving home, have you ever wondered whether your garage door is open or closed? You may have opened it to grab something just before leaving, or were simply distracted as you left and can't remember closing it.

With a smart garage door, you can find out whether your garage door is open or closed from anywhere, simply by looking it up on your smartphone.

Your smartphone can also open or close your garage door, just for additional security. If you have family members, such as children, who frequently leave the door open, this is a convenient way to protect your home.

Add Automated Lighting and Cameras

Smart additions don't need to be to the garage door itself — they can also be added above it. Garage doors are often considered security risks because thieves tend to try them first. Automated lighting and camera systems can be motion activated and set to turn on when people approach.

Lights are likely to scare off anyone approaching the garage door, while cameras can be used to automatically film anyone who tries to tamper with your door. Lights also serve a dual purpose — along with keeping would-be thieves away, they can also scare away wild animals and scavengers that could come up to your garage to sort through your trash.

Secure Your Garage Door With a Smarter Lock

In addition to a garage door opener, you can also add a smarter lock. A smart lock can be used to lock your garage door with biometric identification, such as with your fingerprint. You can also simply install a digital lock that has a pin code.

Smarter locks can be advantageous because they can't just be cut off, the way traditional locks can be. Smart locks are also easier to set — many people never use their combination locks or padlocks because it takes an additional step to set them.

A smart lock can be programmed to automatically lock whenever the garage is closed, preventing the door from being lifted until someone unlocks it.

Improve Your Garage Door's Safety Sensors

If you want to improve your garage door's safety, you can improve its sensors. Garage doors generally have sensors that lift them if they strike something or detect items that are about six to twelve inches above the ground.

If you have children or pets, you may want to improve these sensors by adding more. Your garage door can be designed to refuse to close if there's anything in proximity of the door at all. You can also improve the sensitivity of the existing sensors, including sensors that can detect if there's weight hanging off the door.

Most garage door smart improvements are extremely affordable and can be added on to a number of modern, new garage door systems. Contact the experts at R & S Erection of Richmond to find out about your options.