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Maintaining Your Home's Garage Door

Garage Door

Every time you walk into your garage, hop in your car and head off on your day's business, you're relying on a vital household tool that may be receiving insufficient attention. In fact, your garage door provides you with consistent service, keeping your home and possessions secure at all times of the day and night.

If that important tool is in need of service or repairs, you should call a garage repair company as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, some signs of garage door issues easily go unnoticed until the problem has become severe, leaving you scrambling for a quick fix that you may have been able to avoid.

Below, you'll find a guide to some signs that your garage door may be in need of service. Watching out for these issues can allow you to maintain your door in its best possible condition and can help guarantee that you receive the service and security you desire for many years to come.

Delayed Response Time

When your garage door functions properly, it opens and closes reliably with just the touch of a button. Most homeowners love the convenience of being able to get into their garages without even exiting their vehicle. However, if your door starts to move more slowly, you might find yourself frustrated or even at risk of accidentally creating a collision.

The first step in checking up on your garage door's response time is to verify that the battery in your opener is working correctly. If the batteries are okay, then you should consider making a service call. Slow responsiveness may not be a sign of an electronic issue, but it could be a warning that precedes a mechanical problem. Stopping those problems before they develop into something more serious can allow you to save a substantial amount of time and money.

Unusual Sounds

As your garage door moves up and down, it should make some noises, such as minor squeaks and creaks from the wheels and the whirring of the motor. Generally, these sounds should be consistent each time you open and close the door. When unusual sounds happen with garage door use, it's time to take a closer look.

Grinding or struggling sounds are reliable warning signs that an issue is developing with your door. Even slight changes in the duration of time the motor is running might be worthy of your notice, as they could indicate decreased power that might snowball into a more serious issue. Taking the time to listen to your garage door can provide you with the opportunity to respond in a timely fashion and guarantee that sudden breakdowns don't catch you by surprise.

Dents and Damage

Over time, normal wear and tear is likely to make its mark on the surface of your garage door. Kids playing in your driveway or even simple accidents with gardening tools all might affect your door's general appearance, but don't let major dents and bends go unrepaired for long.

Don't opt to simply tolerate damage to your garage door. Not only will this damage decrease your home's curb appeal, but small signs of damage may be hiding larger structural issues that could jeopardize your security and leave you wishing you had been more responsive. You should also make sure that the weatherstripping around your door creates a tight seal so weather and uninvited guests can't enter the garage easily.

R&S Erection of Richmond has the necessary skills and experience to respond to all of your residential garage door needs. Relying on trusted professionals can offer you a great deal of security and peace of mind and can guarantee your door functions as designed for years to come.