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How to Use a Garage Door as the Wall for Your Tiny Home

Tiny homes are meant to be unique living spaces for people to enjoy anywhere. If you want to have a tiny home built so that you can travel with ease and always have a place to rest your head at night, consider making it more unique by adding a wall that can be opened.
​Being able to open up a wall to the outside will make your home feel larger than it really is. You can have a rolling garage door created as a wall in your tiny home so that you can open and close it whenever you choose. The following guide walks you through a few things you need to take into consideration when having a custom rolling garage door created.
Wood Door and Garage gate

Consider How Large You Want the Door to Be

You first need to consider how large you want the door to be. Some people choose to have only a portion of the wall open, while others want the entire side of their home to be able to open. You need to decide how much of the wall you want to be created with the garage door so that it will fit the space perfectly after it is created.
Exact measurements will need to be taken to ensure that the door is the right size. A technician from the garage door company can come to the build site of your tiny home and help you take the right measurements for the door. They will be able to account for the track and frame of the door to ensure a perfect fit.

Consider How You Want the Door to Operate

A garage door can be opened manually or automatically. You need to consider if you want to have to lift and lower the garage door by hand or if you want to have an automatic garage door opener installed.
The automatic door opener will make opening and closing the door easier, but it will increase the overall cost of the door. You also need to consider how the opener will get the power it needs to operate. You can choose to purchase a solar powered opener or invest in a generator to use to supply power to the opener.

Consider the Material You Want Used to Create the Door

When you have a custom-made garage door created, you can choose the material you want used to create it. If you want to be able to see outside while you are sitting in your home, you may want to have the door made from panels of glass or acrylic. If you want to have your privacy, you may want it to be made from solid metal sheets or wood.

Consider the Color of the Door

Garage doors are available in a variety of colors. Glass doors are made with frames that hold the panels in place so they can even be created to match a specific color scheme. You need to pick the color for the door before it is created because you will not be able to change the color after it is created.
Most garage doors come in very basic color schemes. If you want a bold color, you may have to pay more for it, but if it allows you to create the unique look you want it may be well worth it.
If you need to have a garage door created to use as a wall in your tiny home, contact R & S Erection Of Richmond. They can help you not only with the creation of the door but also with the installation of it. It needs to be installed by professionals to ensure that it can work as well as possible at all times.